Video Tour Pricing

Standard Pricing

Includes Google Earth fly down, walk-through outside and inside of the home, video edit with licensed music from, branded with address, agent name, phone, and company. We upload the branded video to HomeVideoTour.TV and upload to When you order a branded video, you have the option to include unbranded video. You get branded and unbranded video DVDs mailed to you for only…

$395 for home 1000 – 1999 Sq.Ft.

+ $100 for home 2000 – 2999 Sq.Ft.
+ $200 for home 3000 – 3999 Sq.Ft.
+ $300 for home 4000 – 4999 Sq.Ft.

Premium Options:

+ $200 property consultation with agent to write script and record voice over narration
+ $200 hire, direct and pay beautiful model talent to showcase
+ $150 shoot and edit 30 photos on DVD and mail to you
+ $100 for 12 foot camera crane 360 degree panoramas and dramatic fly ups and downs
+ $100 for World-Class Music Licensing by Award-Winning Arists, Composers, Bands and Orchestras “The Music That Powers Hollywood” at
+ $100 agent indroduction and mic and lighting setup
+ $50 water-proof camera for underwater swimming at pool
+ $50 “Surround Sound” audio recording of nature


– $45 off if you only order unbranded video (no agent or company info)
– $45 off for home under 1000 Sq.Ft.
– $45 off for second video tour

Call Ken 813-368-1500

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